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Orchids Magazine

Published since 1932, Orchids magazine (formerly known as the AOS Bulletin) is among the many benefits of an AOS membership. Exploding with glorious full-page color photographs, each monthly issue is packed with topics of current interest for both beginners and advanced orchid growers.

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Latest Issue - June 2024

June 2024

This month's issue features a beautifully illustrated article on Dendrobium bigibbumby Peter Adams designed to help sort out this variable species and a detailed article continuing StigDalström's series on the orchids of Bhutan, featuring the genusThunia, plants not often seen in today's collections. In addition, Joseph Arditti discusses Conrad Gesner, an outstanding botanist from the 16th century.

Rounding out our June 2024 issue:

  • Tom's Monthly Checklist by Thomas Mirenda
  • For the Novice - Repot Your Plants by Ray Barkalow and Orchid Parts and Why They Matter, Part 1: The Plant by Sue Bottom
  • GREATIdeas - Telephone Wire Loops to Support Phalaenopsis Spikes by Ed Wright and Bill Tippit
  • Collector's Item - The Swan Orchids, Cycnoches Lindl. by Charles Wilson
  • Conservation Update - A Year of Observing Wild Cypripedium parviflorum var. makasin in Georgina Township, Ontario Canada by Eugene McSweeny
  • Orchids Illustrated - Prescottia by Wesley Higgins and Peggy Alrich
  • Parting Shot - Hierarchical Nomenclature by W.E.Higgins

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Coming in July 2024 

  • Toms' Monthly Checklist by Thomas Mirenda
  • For the Novice - Leaf Yellowing by Sue Bottom
  • Collector's Item - Maxillaria procurrens by Judith Rapacz-Hasler and David Haelterman
  • Orchids Illustrated - Neuwiedia by Wesley Higgins and Peggy Alrich
  • The Genus Dendrobium and its Relatives: Dendrobium section Dendrobium by Jim Cootes
  • Hybrids Produced with an Outstanding Species From Laos: Paphiopedilum rungsuriyanum by Olaf Gruss
    Habenaria by Nicholas Rust