Magazine Supplement

Last year we published our second annual magazine supplement, Sarcochilus, Species and Hybrids, written by Jean-Allen Ikeson. Once again it was a huge success and we received many letters of praise. The 32-page, separately bound magazine became a "13th issue" for volume number 80 and mailed with the August issue of Orchids. It is destined to become a reference work for the genus. We are especially pleased to report that most of the cost of producing the supplement was underwritten by small donations from the membership of the AOS.

For 2012, we have an excellent thesis on the genus Cycnoches, written by George Carr, as our third magazine supplement. It is a thorough and well-researched paper written by an expert on this genus of orchids that are becoming increasingly popular. We know it will be a valued addition to this volume of Orchids. This year the supplement will mail with the September issue of Orchids and once again we appeal to the membership to make a small donation to help underwrite the cost of production. 

If each member of the AOS donates merely $2.00...two bucks...we will have enough to publish this special 32-page supplement and cover the increased cost of mailing with the regularly scheduled magazine. Two dollars is not even the cost of a cup of coffee. Please click the link below for a quick and painless payment of $2.00 through *PayPal. Thank You!

Larger donations are also welcome. CLICK HERE to donate more than $2.00


Greg Allikas,
Chair AOS Publications Committee

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