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I am planning a long vacation and am concerned about my orchids. I have been looking at products like Wetnet, an automated drip system, for my 35 orchids. I am wondering whether drip watering would work for my orchids, which are primarily grown in a bark mix. Do you know of anyone who has used a drip system, or if someone who has built some other type of small-scale watering system? Monica Shively



Yes, drip systems are used on orchids, particularly in large cymbidium ranges. Drip, however, is not a good solution for coarser-grade mixes. If most of your plants are in a fine-grade mix, it should work, but only as a temporary solution, as for extended vacations. I would suggest that you have it set to water only at a maintenance level; otherwise you run the risk of overwatering. Also, this will work best with good-quality water, which is low in dissolved solids, as hard or alkaline water will harm your plants if they are not leached occasionally Ned Nash

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