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Pronunciation Key

For the most part, variation in pronunciation is based on the many shades of sound to be found in vowels, as anyone who has traveled abroad can appreciate. Pronunciations of the same Latin word by Americans, British, Italians, Spaniards, Japanese, etc. sometimes only vaguely approximate one another. We list vowels first, followed by a few consonants. The reader should have little difficulty in sounding the syllables as shown in the pronunciation guide.

a = a as in about
ab = ab as in absent
ad = ad as in advertise
af = af as in after
ag = ag as in aggravate
ah = a as in star
ak = ac as in active
al = al as in altitude
all = all as in fall
am = am as in amber
an = an as in ant
aw = aw as in saw
ay = ay as in say
i = i as in it
e = e as in often
ee = ee as in see
eh = e as in pet
eye = i as in pie
ew = ew as in few
o = o as in offer
oh = o as in bone
oo = oo as in soon
ow = ow as in how
oy = oy as in boy
u = u as in butter
uh - u as in medium
ff = ff as in stuff
g = g as in good
j = g as in ginger
k = k as in kite
s = s as in sing
ss = ss as in kiss
th = th as in thin
z = z as in zebra

For spoken word audio files of orchid genera see Orchids A to Z (login required, must have sound card).

Sedirea japonica is found in Japan.

JC/AOS An American Orchid Society award denoting a Judges Commendation, awarded to flowers or plants, individually or in groups, for a distinctive characteristic or aspect of historical or other importance that, in the opinion of the judges, is worthy of recognition.

Jacquiniella (jack-in-ee-ELL-ah)   A small genus of tropical American epiphytic orchids related to Ponera and Isochilus. It was established in 1920 by Schlechter, the name commemorating the Austrian botanist, Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin (1727—1817), who collected and described many American plants.

japonicus, -a, -um (ja-PON-ik-us) Native of Japan; Japanese.

javanicus, -a, -um (ja-VAN-ik-us) Native of Java; Javanese.

jointed (JOYN-ted) With nodes, or points of real or apparent articulation.

jugosus, -a, -um (joo-GOH-sus) Furrowed, lipped; mountainous; connected or yoked.

Octomeria juncifolia has rush-
like foliage.

Jumellea (joo-MELL-ah)   A sizable genus of epiphytic orchids from Madagascar and tropical Africa, closely related to Angraecum, it was described by Schlechter in 1914 and dedicated to Professor Henry Jumelle, a French botanist from Marseilles who investigated the flora of Madagascar in the late nineteenth century.

juncifolius, -a, -um (jun-ki-FOH-lee-us) Rush-leaved.