Tiny Feathered Friends of Reed-Stem Epidendrums

Hummingbirds enjoy visiting my reed-stem epidendrums, where they can be found resting peacefully on the long, twisted stems of this outdoor flowering orchid. Our resident hummingbird in Southern California is the Anna’s hummingbird. These flying jewels of the sky belong to the family Trochilidae, one of the most highly specialized natural groups of birds. Nectar plants, feeders and birdbaths will attract hummingbirds as well.

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The Orchid Clock

Orchids have a cycle of life. The key to understanding the annual life cycle of a plant, and knowing how to respond to it, can be depicted visually as a clock.

Orchid growers know their plants will produce flowers at a certain time of year, and will grow new leaves and rhizomes at another. By charting these on a clock face, we can better respond to the needs of the plant in terms of fertilization, watering, etc.

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Hereditary Influences of the Cattleya Alliance

The species illustrated below appear in the background of today's modern Cattleya Alliance hybrids. Each plant imparts certain traits such as color, form or size to its progeny and hybridizers have capitalized on these traits. This list of species and the traits enumerated was first published in the AOS Bulletin in January 1960 and they continue to withstand the test of time. Species names listed reflect currently accepted nomenclature.

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