Neofinetia Falcata - Not Just Another Pretty Face

Anyone who has heard Dr. Kristen Uthus speak about Neofenitia falcata (aka vandas) knows she is simply captivating as soon as she delivers her first line "Small, but Mighty!" inspired by her young son. Her articles are just as enchanting as if she were there in the room.  After reading this article you will know all you need to know to understand and successfully grow these amazing orchids.  Careful you will be hooked!
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Give Us Air - The Importance of Fresh Air

Sue Bottom has a style of writing that is straightforward, easy to apply and most of all interesting.  She combines her real life experience lessons learned with her easy going way that we all find a pleasure to read and re-read.  We also look forward to results that ensue after putting her good advice to use.  She has done it again with her article about air movement.  Such a simple concept but so critical to orchids.  Don't miss it!
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Good Grooming - How to Prepare Orchids for Exhibition

One we learn how to grow them we want to show them off.  Combined talents of renowned photographer Greg Allikas and expert grower and exhibitor Michael Coronado of RF Orchids shows us exactly how to groom, stake and prep our orchid plants for display and judging.  These two men have won countless awards between the two of them and we are lucky to learn from the best of the best on this important yet fun topic.  Enjoy!
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