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Orchid Source Directory

Motes Orchids

Contact: Martin Motes
Website: www.motesorchids.com
Hours of Operations: Open several times a year for open houses. Hosts of the Tamiami International Orchid Festival and Redland International Orchid Festival. Order 24/7 from ww.motesorchids.com. Otherwise, not open to the public. Visit ww.motesorchids.com/faq for more details.
Business Type: Retail
Listings: online only
Products: Plants only
Specialties: Vandaceous orchids
Import|Export: Continental United States. Visit www.motesorchids.com for more information about requirements for shipping to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and all international destinations.
Address: 25000 Farm Life Road
City: Redland
State: Florida
Zip Code: 33031
Country: USA

Mount Prospect Orchids

Contact: Helen Hersh
Email: albinoni@rcn.com
Telephone: 908-753-4846
Website: www.mountprospectorchids.com
Hours of Operations: Mail order only.
Business Type: Retail.
Listings: Catalog available, no charge.
Products: Orchid plants.
Specialties: Paphiopedilums, phragmipediums, bulbophyllums, species, plants for the home grower.
Import|Export: No export.
State: New York
Zip Code:
Country: USA

New Vision Orchids

Contact: Russ Vernon and Anita Martin
Email: newvisionorchids@aol.com
Telephone: 765-749-5809
Website: www.newvisionorchids.com
Hours of Operations: By appointment only.
Business Type: Wholesale/Retail.
Listings: Catalog available, no charge.
Products: Orchids/Supplies.
Specialties: Phalaenopsis, (cool-growing Oncidiinae (odontoglossums and hybrids), intergenerics, lycastes.
Directions: Near exit 234, I-69 in east–central Indiana.
Import|Export: No restrictions.
State: Indiana
Zip Code:
Country: USA
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