Greenhouse Chat April 2016

Greenhouse Chat April 2016

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

5:40 Watering and Potting indoors
8:29 Watering for indoor growing
12:03 Potting Media for indoor potting
14:50 Potting Additives for Indoor growing
16:28 Growing Habenaria and Dracula in South Florida
18:23 Repotting after Blooming
24:05 Secret to Blooming Oncidiums
25:52 Which orchids can withstand 90 degree summers and 40 degree winters
27:28 Which Orchids can grow in a Northern window
28:37 Reddish leaves- Magnesium
31:10 creating different temperature zones in a 10 x 16 greenhouse
33:34 Fungal infections and removing sheaths
35:46 cinnamon as a fungicide and wound dressing
36:57 Phalaenopsis- After Blooming
38:42 Huntleya meleagris- do aerial roots need to be in media
41:42 Phalaenopsis- thick and rubbery leaves
43:56 Phalaenopsis- leaf-splitting
47:01 Problems with Prosthechea Green Hornet
48:49 Identifying fungal vs. bacterial issues
52:22 Are hybrids more tolerant of tap water
54:34 Light green leaves on Oncidesa/Oncidium Sweet Sugar
55:45 Bird ate Phalaenopsis leaves
56:58 Best Orchids to grow in the house
57:48 When to repot
1:00:10 Do Paphs and Phrags need a temp drop to bloom and grow
1:02:39 Semi-hydro setups
1:08:34 Do you need to protect Orchids from too much rainwater
1:11:31 Ice cube Orchids
1:13:47 Do box store Phalaenopsis have a specific bloom time

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