Brassavola-nodosa-2019-08-18***Determined to be Brassavola grandiflora based on distinct blade shape of the leaves (Oct 2019)***

Judging Center: FNCJC

Award Number: 20192422

Award Date: August 10, 2019

Awarded As: Brassavola nodosa

Awarded as B. nodosa, concerns this might be the hybrid B. Rediculous.
Ten magnificent white flowers gracefully displayed on three upright inflorescences; sepals and petals widely spreading; lip broad and flat, throat basally spotted purple internally; substance medium; texture waxy, lip lightly crystalline.
NS 13.0, 9.0
DS 0.5, 8.3
Petal 0.3, 7.5
LS 0.6, 8.4
Lip 4.2, 7.0


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