Judging Center: FNC - Tampa

Award Number: 20172306

Award Date: August 23, 2017

Awarded As: Bulbophyllum stockeri

At the Florida North Central Judging Center, Tampa judging on August 23, 2017, the following award was Provisionally granted and needs species identification: 2017 2306 Bulb. stockeri ‘Peter’ CHM 83 Owner: Natalia Simkins Description: One well-formed, non-resupinate flower and one bud on two 3.2cm green inflorescences; plant 15.0 cm long; grown in an 11cm bulb pot filled with sphagnum moss, central PVC pipe wrapped in coconut husk fiber; leaves 3.5cm x 6.1cm, elliptical, rugose; rhizome creeping, 1.8cm long, pilose; flowers full-shaped, base color chartreuse, heavily spotted and tessellated oxblood, basally and apically coalesced; dorsal sepal lanceolate, hooded; lateral sepals broadly lanceolate, proximal inferior margin has apparent chartreuse blush; petals acute, lanceolate, held slightly forward; lip articulate, tongue shaped, red-brown; column chartreuse, striated oxblood, anther cap black; substance firm, texture waxy; native to Papua New Guinea, has breeding potential. Note supplied with plant: Plant was purchased in Jan 2014, as Bulb. tortum, red, Papua New Guinea, Ron McHatton saw pictures and suggested the name of Bulb. stockeri. Measurements: Natural spread 3.0 horiz., 2.0 vert. Dorsal sepal 0.7 horiz., 1.8 vert. Petal: 0.6 horiz., 1.5 vert. Lateral Sepal: 1.0 horiz., 1.6 vert. Lip: 0.3 horiz., 0.5 vert. Photos are attached Please let me know if you need any other information for your determination. Thank you, Patricia Cartwright, FNCJC _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bulbophyllum stockeri J.J.Verm., Nordic J. Bot. 26: 193 (2008). This name is accepted. ________________________________________ Distribution: Papua New Guinea http://www.orchidsnewguinea.com/orchid-information/species/speciescode/540 https://www.researchgate.net/figure/227752556_fig31_Figure-37-Bulbophyllum-stockeri-A-habit-B-flower-C-flower-analysis-from-left


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