Judging Center: California Sierra Nevada

Award Number: 20171289

Award Date: October 04, 2017

Awarded As: Dendrobium chapaense

suspect synonym for Den jaintianum

Plant > Overall length of growth/cane: 60 cm

Plant Leaf > number of leaves per growth or cane: several

Inflorescence > Ovary Length: 2.2cm

Flower Natural Spread Length: 2.0

Flower Natural Spread Width: 3.1

Flower > Dorsal Sepal Length: 1.8

Flower > Dorsal Sepal Width: 1.2

Flower > Lateral sepals or synsepal Length: 2.3

Flower > Lateral sepals or synsepal Width: 1.2

Flower > Petals Length: 1.0

Flower > Petals Width: 1.0

Flower > Lip or Pouch Length: 3.0

Flower > Lip or Pouch Width: 1.2

Flower > Lip or Pouch> characters of lip (calli, spurs, keels, etc.): fimbriated lip white, overlaid raised salmon striations coalescing at distal tip; 2.2cm spur white,

Flower > Anther Cap Color: white


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