Dendrobium garrettii confirmed to be Dendrobium elliottianum

Dendrobium garrettii confirmed to be Dendrobium elliottianum

Dendrobium garrettii Seidenf., Opera Bot. 83: 127 (1985).

Dear Patricia Harding,

Saturday, 2/4/2011 at the Orchid Growers Guild Show in Madison Wisconsin I received a provisional award (CHM/AOS).

The award number is 20113320

The plant is Dendrobium garrettii, I will include some pictures.

The images do not agree with those found in 'The Dendrobiums' by H.P. Wood (plate 178) nor do they match up with Den. microbulbon (plate 173).  I will include a picture of my Den. microbulbon also.

My pictures do match up with the IOSPE PHOTOS of Den. garrettii Seidenf.1985 on the internet.

The award is through the Chicago Judging Center, chaired by James Spatzak,

I hope that you will be able to identify this species, (I also have a darker colored clone with slitely larger flowers).


Walter Crawford

rather than repost everything we had before on this one, please go look in the addtional info area for D. garrettii

Dendrobium garrettii, award 20113320, confirmed to be Dendrobium elliottianum by SITF (March 2011).


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