Dendrobium profusum

Dendrobium profusum

Dendrobium profusum Rchb.f., Gard. Chron. 1884(1): 510 (1884).This name is accepted.

Dendrobium profusum ‘Irene’ CHM/AOS  81 pts   Award number 20124324, Northeast 

Award description

Eleven flowers and 107 buds arranged circumferentially on 13 arching inflorescences borne on both leafed and deciduous canes; plant grown in a 12cm clay pot using semi-hydroponic medium exhibits both erect and pendant growth habit; canes averaging 22-cm in length, leaves 3-cm wide by 11-cm long; sepals and petals ivory white, irregular amaranth markings on lateral segments basally, reverse of sepals spotted amaranth, petals marked amaranth apically; lip ivory white, side lobes spotted amaranth, fringed callus buttercup yellow; endemic to the Phillipines; recognized for charming and architecturally interesting inflorescence habit; identified by

Dendrobium profusum, award 20124324, has been confirmed to be  Dendrobium profusum by SITF(Dec 2012).


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