Lepanthes antilocapra

Lepanthes antilocapra

Lepanthes antilocapra Luer & Dressler, Orquideologia 16(3): 15 (1986).

One small flower and two buds on two wiry inflorescences borne on a plant bearing six 1.7x5.7cm elliptical leaves with 6cm ramicauls grown in a 6cm plastic pot; flowers sequential on inflorescence; sepals burgundy, cream proximally; petals bicornate, bright orange; lip burgundy; substance good; texture satiny.

From Orquideologia 16(3): 15 (1986).

Lepanthes antilocapra award 20105130, has been confirmed to be Lepanthes antilocapra by SITF (Dec 2010).


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