Lepanthes calocerca

Lepanthes calocerca






20161370 from Toronto, CHM 83

NS  1.8x1.3 vert

DS  0.7x0.2

PT  0.1x0.3

LS  0.8x0.2

Six whimsical flowers and four buds on 10 inflorescences on eight, up to 9.5cm all growths; leaves ovate, acuminate distally; plant robust, 13cm wide x 9.5 cm tall counted in sphagnum moss on a 3.5 x 4.5 cm cork plaque; flowers translucent pale yellow; petals flushed red basal two thirds; lip red, minute, wrapped around column; anther cap yellow; texture satin, substance delicate.


Lepanthes calocerca, award 20161370, has been confirmed to be   Lepanthes calocerca by SITF (Dec 2016). 


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