Masdevallia burfordiensis determined to be Masdevallia picea

Masdevallia burfordiensis determined to be Masdevallia picea

Award #:   20113501

Place:  NCJC

Date:    01/08/11

Name, Award, Pts: Masd. bufordiensis, CHM 83

Clone: Barrow


Exhibited by:   Jamie Riegel

Description:   Ten flowers on 10 inflorescences; sepals deep burgundy with a yellow strip on distal half; sepaline tube chartreuse; petals and lip deep burgundy; substance firm; texture pebbled and glossy.  

Dimensions in centimeters:               Horz.                Vert.

Natural Spread:                                               5.2                   8.7

Dorsal Sepal:                                       1.2                   6.3

Petal:                                                   na                    na

Lateral Sepal (Syn):                             1.2                   6.3

Lip (Pouch):                                         na                    na

Masdevallia burfordiensis O'Brien, Gard. Chron. 1900(2): 346 (1900).

This name is a synonym.

Accepted Name:

Masdevallia angulata Rchb.f., Otia Bot. Hamburg.: 15 (1878).

Masdevallia burfordiensis, Award #: 20113501, has been determined to be Masdevallia picea

by SITF (Sept 2012), with assistance of Ron Parsons.


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