AOS Greenhouse Chat with Ron McHatton (11)

AOS Greenhouse Chat with Ron McHatton

Greenhouse Chat Index January 2024

06:15 Phalaenopsis broken spike
09:02 Cattleya warscewiczii splotchy yellowing leaf
13:51 Dendrobium when to repot
17:42 Mealybugs in a terrarium
20:36 Phalaenopsis aerial roots dying back
22:41 Paphiopedilum distorted bloom
27:02 Virus on Phalaenopsis
30:22 leaf abnormal color bands
32:55 Pseudobulb shriveling
35:20 Angraecum eburneum nectary spurs turning brown
37:31 Stanhopea leaf spotting, what to use to fight it
39:15 Leaf tip dieback
41:31 Coelogyne leaf damage
42:40 Oncidium spacelatum cutting the roots
44:30 Fertilizer Has it gone bad/Do I use it
45:47 Mold in the potting mix and roots
49:14 Australian Dendrobium leaf damage
51:46 White spots on the air roots
53:55 Watering a mounted plant
56:05 Phalaenopsis leaf turning red and yellow
59:18 Cattleya bloom edge damage (thrips)

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