Greenhouse Chat March 2018

Greenhouse Chat March 2018

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

04:34    Cymbidum leaf problem. Turn yellow, fall off, bud drop, dehyrdration
09:46     Cattleya  circospora fungus,  Thiomyl
13:43    Zygopetalum problem – lost its leaves, dehydration, watering, when to repot
16:45    Cattleya sepals curling under - Dehydration, low humidity
19:15    Dendrobium leaf problem, dehydration
21:18     Epicattleya lead problem – leaves shiny and sticky, gatation sooty mold
24:20    Cattleya (syn Laelia) pereinii culture
26:54    Dendrobium leaf problem – browning, stunted leaf,  low humidity, dehydration
28:05    Australian Dendrobium leaves turn yellow, brown, top of canes yellow, fungus
30:47     Potting bare root plants from Ecuador, disinfecting, quarantine questions
35:21    Phalaenopsis leaf spotting fungus, leaf trauma, fungus
37:37    Spiders – beneficial insect? , pest
39:05    Cattleya light percentage shade cloth for Florida
41:20    Mounting orchids, materials to use, orientation
47:35    Sour smell on mounted orchids , rot
50:30    Physan uses, fungus
53:15    Cattleya in plug trays -  how moist should I keep them, watering
snowy landscape

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