Greenhouse Chat March 2019

Greenhouse Chat March 2019

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

4:00 Cattleya pseudobulb browning- rot (continued below at 1:05.38)
10:40 Low-E glass
13:06 Problem growing Phalaenopsis
16:10 White spots on pseudobulbs and leaves of Guarachea
20:30 Can I save my Orchid? 2-bulb division without roots
23:10 Light Meters
28:30 Virus- what to do when they test positive
31:15 Paphiopedilum wrinkled and droopy leaves
34:42 Oncidium spotted foliage (continued below 1:10.07)
39:30 Moving plants outdoors- Oncidium
41:30 When to water a mixed collection
44:16 Dying Phalaenopsis
48:32 Leaning Orchids
51:36 Growing Phalaenopsis at an angle
1:01.44 Odd damage to Phalaenopsis leaf- Mites
1:05.38 Revisited Cattleya with no roots- How much sunlight and water? Sphag-n-Bag
1:10.07 Revisited struggling Oncidium, what to do?
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