Greenhouse Chat September 2022

AOS Greenhouse Chat with Ron McHatton

Greenhouse Chat Index September 2022

04:00 Comments on culture advice
7:43 Phragmipedium leaf marks and damage
11:57 Phalaenopsis mounted with issues
16:18 Grammatophyllum leaf damage
18:29 Aliceara Marfitch pseudobulbs curling
22:17 Dendrobium speciosum roots growing in the air
25:35 409 used as an insecticide
28:28 Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma supplements
30:47 Seed parent and Pollen parent
33:07 Angraecum keikis
33:34 Cattleya black spots on the leaves
38:24 Black tea for orchids
39:27 Abnormal blooms
41:55 Modified semi hydroponic
51:50 Vanda will not flower
54:53 Repotting when one should repot
56:11 Cattleya pseudobulb rehydration

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