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Picture of 2013 AOS Calendars (Wholesale Prices - By Box of 12)

2013 AOS Calendars (Wholesale Prices - By Box of 12)

Beautiful 2013 AOS Calendar sold by the box. 12 in each box. Shipping of $11.45 is included in price per box.

Discovering an orchid growing in the wild is a thrilling experience. Not only are orchids beautiful and exotic, they are also a fundamental part of each ecosystem that they inhabit. For those eager to see orchids in nature, this calendar is sure to impress as it captures the complexity, visual delights, and rich biodiversity of their natural habitats.

Orchid Conservation is Everyone's Responsibility. $2 of the purchase price funds conservation initiatives approved by the AOS.

The American Orchid Society's 14-month calendar (January 2013 through February 2014) will be shipped to you shrink-wrapped with a heavy card stiffener for protection. It is 11 x 22 inches when open, giving you a glorious orchid photo with plenty of space to note events and appointments. In total, there are 15 brilliantly colored photographs for your enjoyment.

Wholesale prices are per box of 12. Boxes will not be split. Shipping of $11.45 per box is included in price within the United States. For International sales, please call the office at 305-740-2010.

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