Elleanthus aureus

Elleanthus aureus








Elleanthus aureus (Poepp. & Endl.) Rchb.f. in W.G.Walpers, Ann. Bot. Syst. 6: 484 (1863).

This name is accepted.




Approximately 175 cupped yellow flowers and 225 buds on 36 apical inflorescences; canes to 40 cm tall, stiff alternate deeply plicate leaves to 1 cm wide by 6 cm long; column white, anther cap purple; substance firm; texture waxy; recognized for rarity in cultivation and breeding potential; native to northern South America. 




20151906  PNW



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Can we check if escobarii fits this one . http://www.epidendra.org/taxones/Elleanthus/Elleanthus%20escobarii/Elleanthus%20escobarii%20PROT.pdf


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