Gongora nigropunctata (pardina) determined to be Gongora latibasis

Gongora nigropunctata (pardina) determined to be Gongora latibasis

Award Description:

60 flowers and 54 buds on 8 inflorescences arranged spirally on pendent up to 45 cm long stems; flowers cream almost solidly overlaid with chestnut brown dots and flushes, dorsal and petals fused to column for half their length with the petals narrow and with free tips curved downward and then back towards column; lateral sepals folded back partially to wholly meeting like a butterfly's wings; lip boat shaped with hypochile with a bent down small tooth on each side near base, slit on bottom narrow and only slightly wider near base, mesochile a narrow hump and 2 thread-like horns held perpendicular to plane of rest of lip, epichile tightly folded, tip curved up, substance fairly heavy, texture matte on sepals and petals and shiny on lip.

Gongora nigropunctata, award 20095021 has been determined to be Gongora latibasis by SITF, July 2009, with assistance of Rudolf Jenny. There are previous CHMs to this species. Often this species is green gray with no particular color, but there is a previous award that says the red is cinnamon red. You could argue that your CHM has more red than cinnamon and if you determine that is the case make sure you state that is clone is different than previous awards so that the award will not be nullified.

Patricia Harding, chair SITF.


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