Maxillaria shepheardii confirmed Maxillaria weberbaueri

Maxillaria shepheardii confirmed Maxillaria weberbaueri

Award Description:

Twenty-two upright flowers on a 38cm x 25cm plant in a 15cm tree fern pot; leaves eliptical to 17cm; pseudobulbs ovoid to 1.8cm x 3.0cm sepals and petals butter yellow, darker distally; lip yellow, side lobes striated burgundy, mid lobe bright orange; column ivory; anther cap ivory; frangrant, stong, lilac like; substance firm, texture matte.

Maxillaria shepardii, award 20095020, has been confirmed Maxillaria weberbaueri, by SITF, Sept 2009, with the assistance of Eric Christenson, Mario Blanco and Mark Whitten. You can now process the award.


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