Masdevallia strumosa

Masdevallia strumosa


Masdevallia strumosa ‘Silvanita’ CCM 85 (provisional)


One hundred three flowers and 11 buds encircling a spotless plant growing in bark in a 11 cm plastic pot; flowers semi-pendant, tubular; sepals white with purple longitudinal veins and yellow caudae; petals white; lip yellow; column white with purple picotee; substance, average; texture, crystalline.  Petals and lip too small to measure.  Plant identified on-site by Padre Ortiz.



                        W                    L


NS                   3.6                   5.0

DS                   0.3                   2.0


LS                   0.4                   3.0



Masdevallia strumosa, award number 20097531, has been confirmed to be Masdevallia strumosa by SITF(March 2010) with assistance of Pedro Ortiz. You may now process the award.


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