Odontoglossum schillerianum

Odontoglossum schillerianum

20098023 Odontglossum schillerianum 'Cartujo' CHM no measurements given - you were chair Twenty-three flowers and one bud on one branched inflorescences; sepals & petals yellow evenly covered with small brown spots; lip brown at apex, callus white, yellow laterally; apex of lip covered with minute white hairs; substance normal; texture matte; lovely example of star shaped flowers with broad segment for the size of the flower. West Palm, Cali Show

Odontoglossum schillerianum Rchb.f., Bonplandia (Hannover) 2: 12 (1854).

Odontglossum schillerianum, award 20098023, has been confirmed to be Odontglossum schillerianum by SITF(June 2010).


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