Oncidium tsubotae

Oncidium tsubotae

Award 20131948 CHM 82

Oncidium tsubotae


One thousand forty-four flowers on 12 upright inflorescences with short branches; pseudobulbs ovate, flattened laterally, with distinct vertical black markings; two foliaceous sheathes; one lanceolate leaf; ovary sheathed by translucent bract; flowers star shaped, non resupinate, yellow; sepals with two red longitudinal bars; petals with crescent shaped red at base and two red spots midlength; lip 3 lobed, lateral lobes minute, midlobe trapezoid, callus large, orange; column upright; substance firm; texture matte.

Oncidium tsubotae Königer, Arcula 6: 168 (1996). This name is accepted.


Oncidium tsubotae, Award 20131948, has been confirmed to be  Oncidium tsubotae by SITF
(April 2013).


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