Mission and Vision

Our Vision

A world where orchids are protected, cultivated and enjoyed..

Our Mission

The AOS cultivates passion and stewardship throughout the world of orchids. As a global champion for Orchidaceae, we promote the success and inspiration of the diverse enthusiastic orchid community..

Promoting enthusiasm for orchids through:
*    World-class publications
*    Educational outreach
*    A rigorous judging program

Preserving orchid heritage and ensuring their vibrant future by:
*   Encouraging and supporting worldwide conservation and meaningful research
  Maintaining and advocating for the importance of historical records through a database and photographic archives

*   Providing the opportunity for member engagement to  the betterment of the worldwide orchid comm unity

Providing a global network and forum for information on:
*   Cultivation and breeding of orchids
*   Accessible resources for ensuring members’ progress and positive experiences in growing and exhibition
*   Enriching and cultivating a world where orchids continue to be beloved and shared

Our Goals

  • Increase member satisfaction and participation.
  • Extend the knowledge, production, use and appreciation of orchids.
  • Collect and disseminate information.
  • Support education and research.
  • Support the preservation and perpetuation of orchid species.
  • Recognize outstanding achievement.
  • Organize and maintain an orchid judging system.