Alison Gallaway

Vice President

Alison has been growing orchids since 1994 when she was gifted her first two orchids in Corpus Christi.  Two cattleyas quickly morphed into a collection.  Her first organized orchid experience was a Southwest Regional Orchid Growers Association show in Corpus Christi where she was awestruck at the variety of orchids and artistry of the exhibits.

Since moving to Austin, Alison has been a member of the Heart of Texas Orchid Society, after joining at a show in 2001.  She quickly became an active member of HOTOS, holding most board positions, including currently the treasurer, AOS representative, and SWROGA representative.

 Alison is a certified orchid judge with the Alamo Judging Center, where she is currently chair. 

Academically, Alison has degrees in French, Government, International Business and Law and practiced as a municipal attorney, specializing in real estate and construction law for 20 years.  Currently, she works at her family business, which sells colored rocks that are used in terrazzo floors and landscapes, mostly doing payroll and tax related items, but has ample time to devote to her orchids, dogs, and traveling.