Catherine Higgins


Cathy has been growing orchids since the late 1980s, following the usual transition from windowsill to lights to greenhouse.  In November 2006 she became an Accredited Judge and has served as Vice Chair and Chair of the Mid-Atlantic Judging Center.  She is an active member of two local orchid societies and for many years has served as the Judging Chair at the annual show of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Orchid Society (SEPOS), which is currently the largest show in the mid-Atlantic region.

 When Cathy first started growing orchids, it never occurred to her not to join the AOS, and she has been a continuous member from Day 1 of her growing habit.  She loves showing her plants and getting awards, but her proudest accomplishment is the regional show schedule she co-authored with a group of judges and hobbyists from three states.  She described the process that produced the schedule in the September 2018 issue of Orchids.  The schedule we wrote helps societies, conforms to current judging standards, and forged friendships.  Cathy is committed to these sorts of collaborations to strengthen the orchid growing community locally, regionally and nationally.