Jeff Saal


Jeff’s interest in, and involvement with, orchids was hit and miss for many years.  The all-too-common story of a Phalaenopsis purchased from a local retailer, subsequently mis-managed, killed and discarded.  Then replaced with another one when the mood struck.  It was Jeff’s acquisition of Acadian Supply, Inc. in mid-2015 that opened his eyes to the expansive universe of orchidaceae.  Acadian is the exclusive importer and wholesale distributor of premium orchid growing substrates from New Zealand.

Jeff’s business activities span the range from mega-growers supplying the big box retailers to the hobbyist seeking to rescue their first struggling orchid.  It was the business of orchids that provided his original introduction to the American Orchid Society.  Over time, one thing led to another, and Jeff became active on the AOS Membership and Marketing Committee, and Chair of the Information Technology Committee

Professionally, having been an information technology consultant, corporate operating executive and business entrepreneur, Jeff brings a diverse set of skills to the Society.  His personal perspective as a novice grower and professional efforts to capture the attention and interest of the hobbyist grower aligns well with the AOS target audience for membership growth.