Theresa D. Kennedy


Terry and her husband Doug live outside Toronto Canada and have been growing and showing orchids since 1973.  Her first AOS meeting was the meeting in Grand Rapids, MI in the fall of 1975.  Since then the AOS has become a major part of her life. 

Over the next 20 years she and Doug have participated in numerous AOS members meetings and Mid America Orchid Congress shows with displays that garnered the show trophy in most of them.  As the logistics of border crossing with orchids became more complicated and the number of shows in Canada grew, they concentrated on supporting our Canadian shows participating in shows from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Vancouver, British Columbia, coast to coast, with displays and presentations as well as judging.

The display she coordinated for the Southern Ontario Orchid Society (SOOS) for the 1984 WOC in Miami won a Silver Medal and several trophies for plants. She also judged WOC’ s in Vancouver, Singapore and South Africa.

Terry is a life member of the Southern Ontario Orchid Society (1973), serving in many roles up through President.  Her work on the SOOS show committee goes back to the first show in 1975 and she has been actively involved in all 40 of  the annual orchid shows since then including 2 MAOCs and the extremely successful AOS members meeting in 1998..

Terry is also a life member of Windsor Orchid Society and a member of The Orchid Society of The Royal Botanical Gardens.