Brassia-andreettae-2023-12-05 *SITF has determined this plant to be Brassia mendozae, not Brassia andreettae (Jan 2024).

Posted on December 05, 2023

The dorsal sepal of this plant is narrow, linear and does not widen out like B. andreetae. The strongly incurved lip apex of this plant does not match that of B. andreettae. The overall form of this plant, measurements and lip color agree with the Baker and Baker description of B. mendozae in the OW. The fragrance was described as similar to vanilla pudding which agrees with the vanilla fragrance of B. mendozae. This plant was subsquently also identified as B. mendozae by Guido Braem, a noted Taxonomist. This plant closely matches Dodson's drawing of then Ada mendozae in the IOSPE.

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