Benefits of Affiliated Society Membership

The American Orchid Society has hundreds of local affiliated societies worldwide. These local groups are the Society's direct link to the orchid grower. Local orchids society meetings are the best introduction to the fascinating world of orchids. There you will learn about growing orchids under local conditions and discover which orchids flower best in your area. Monthly meetings often feature a program, sales or raffle table, education session, the opportunity to discuss culture and exchange plants. Find a group near you.

Become an affiliate


The American Orchid Society (AOS) offers extensive promotion benefits for its affiliated societies, making them easily discoverable through These societies gain visibility by having their shows and events listed across various AOS channels, including the website, magazine, and calendar. This broad exposure not only attracts more enthusiasts to society activities but also enhances the society's prestige within the orchid-growing community.

Content to support affiliate programs

In terms of content, the AOS supports its affiliate programs with valuable resources aimed at enriching the orchid-growing experience. This includes access to the AOS Speaker Center, which provides expert speakers on orchid-related topics, and offline access to webinars, offering members the opportunity to learn and engage with orchid culture at their convenience. These resources are designed to support the continuous learning and development of both novice and experienced orchid growers alike.


Judging is another critical benefit provided by the AOS to its affiliated societies. The organization offers detailed guides for exhibiting orchids and hosting AOS-judged orchid shows, along with access to a new handbook section dedicated to orchid show judging. This initiative ensures that affiliated societies can uphold high standards in their exhibitions, fostering a culture of excellence and recognition within the orchid community. Through AOS Judging and AOS Outreach Judging, societies can celebrate and reward outstanding achievements in orchid cultivation and display.

Affiliated Society FAQ

Q. What is an Affiliated Orchid Society?
A. Orchid societies around the world who have associated themselves with the American Orchid Society are the AOS Affiliated Societies.

Q. What is the requirement to be an affiliated society?
A. Complete this application and send it to the Affiliated Society committee at Other requirements are that the society must keep an AOS membership and the AOS Representative (who is appointed by the society) must also be an AOS member. The application for affiliation is presented at the next AOS Member's Meeting to the AOS Board.

Q. Who serves on the Affiliated Society Committee?
A. AOS has a paid staff but many, if not most, of the mission is fulfilled by volunteers and committees. In the front of the Orchids magazine you'll see the listing of all AOS committees and their members. The Affiliated Society Committee and its members have been a part of the AOS since 1946.

Q. So what does the Affiliated Society Committee do?
A. We have several duties assigned to us by the AOS Board of Trustees. We are the interface between affiliated orchid societies, AOS Reps and the AOS. We assist societies by sending them information for their board, their membership and their newsletters. We receive information, concerns and suggestions, and forward it to the appropriate staff person or committee. If your society does not have contact with the AOS please let us know and we will set up the necessary communications.

Q. What do the AOS Reps do?
A. AOS Reps are typically appointed by their society president or board. The AOS Rep communicates with the Affiliated Society Committee. If the rep receives communications they pass them on to the board, newsletter editor or the membership. They also send information to the Affiliated Society Committee. We suggest they say something about the AOS to the entire membership at each meeting, and make sure there are AOS applications available to their members.

Q. What are the benefits of being an affiliated society?
a. A print copy of Orchids Magazine (Gold memberships) to keep or give to your society members
b. Affiliation with your local orchid judging center
c. AOS Certificates of Appreciation for the society to recognize their outstanding members (2 per year) 
d. Distinguished Affiliated Society Service Award
e. Access to our Speakers Center and educational presentations
f. Downloadable webinars for future society meetings
g. Newsletter Editors assistance

Q. Can Affiliated Societies share login credentials with their members?
A. Affiliates and their representatives may not share ID logons and passwords or share any AOS digital material beyond what is allowed as an affiliate benefit and listed on the AOS website ( To avoid affiliation being revoked if a violation occurs, please ask before sharing AOS owned digital material if you are unsure.

Q. What is the Newsletter Editors assistance?
A. The Committee collects and then distributes information to newsletter editors. This information includes the "AOS Corner" and other articles which newsletter editors can put into their newsletters. Contact the Committee at to be added to the distribution list.

Q. How do I reach the Affiliated Societies Committee?
A. Write to

Q. What is the DASSA award?
A. The acronym stands for the Distinguished Affiliated Society Service Award and it is an award given to affiliated societies in recognition of sustained, outstanding contributions in areas of service and support.

Q. What are AOS Member's Meetings?
A. The AOS holds twice-yearly AOS Member's Meetings. Sometimes they are held virtually, but they are usually in conjunction with a local orchid society show. You can find the information on this web site under "Events". If your society would like to host a meeting, send us an email and we'll be happy to work with you: