Alan Koch

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SpecialtiesCattleya, General culture and more
FormatOnline and in-person
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Alan Koch owns and operates Gold Country Orchids where he specializes in miniature and compact Cattleya’s along with miniature species. Alan started growing orchids in 1969 with three Cymbidiums given to him by an aunt. While in college he became interested in other orchids and discovered many would grow outdoors in Southern California. He has moved five times as his orchid obsession has led to the need for more growing space. With the last move, he purchased 10 acres of land in Lincoln, California for his 250,000 orchids. He is recognized as an expert in the Brazilian Cattleya alliance and a trend setter in miniature compact and Cattleya breeding. Alan has been published in the Orchid Digest, the American Orchid Society magazine, Orchids, as well as many International Publications. He has also been published in several proceedings of the World Orchid Conference. He is an internationally known speaker. He is a past member of the AOS Judging Committee, and the Research Committee, as well as an Emeritus Judge and is Training Coordinator for the California-Sierra Nevada Judging Center. Alan also served two terms on the Orchid Digest Executive Committee and 3 terms on the Board of Directors, as well as two terms as a Trustee for the AOS. He is currently the First Vice President for the International Phalaenopsis Alliance. Alan is also well known for the many AOS auctions he has done.

Talks and Abstracts


The ABC’s of Orchid Nutrition

How to get the most out of your hobby and your plants. Learn some very simple tricks to get the most out of growing orchids.

Growing in the Home

Learn to do your best with the situation you have. Helps people do well in the window or under lights.

Miniature Cattleyas for the Home Grower

This program shows several types of Cattleyas that do well for the home grower.

What’s New in Miniature Cattleya’s

This program deals withal the modern trends around the world.

Cattleya’s 365, 24/7

Get the knowledge on how to build a collection that will flower all year long and how to grow them. Learn the species that have been used by hybridizers for years to control bloom time. Talk is adapted to your climate!

Miniature Cattleya’s for a Warm Climate

This program deals with miniature cattleyas for climates that don’t cool off at night in the summer.

Understanding the Genus Paphiopedilum

This program dissects the different sections of the genus and gives helpful hints on how to grow the various species.

Cattleyas for the Cymbidium Grower

Learn about the cattleyas that will do well where you can grow Cymbidiums.

Understanding the Brazilian Cattleya Alliance

Get a clear picture of the diversity, and how to grow them. This covers where the species are found in the wild and how to use this information to grow them well here.

The Rock Growing Cattleyas and How to Succeed

Get a clear understanding of how to succeed with this group and not just the Lithophytic Laelia’s.

Modern Trends for the Cattleya Grower

Whats is new in Cattleya’s around the world.

Understanding Dendrobiums

Dendrobium alliance is one of the most diverse Genera in the Orchid Family. Learn the tricks to be successful with all or the different sections.

How to Manage Your Orchid Collection

Learn how to be a better grower and manage the problems of pests and disease.

Sarcochilus, Exciting Modern Hybrids From Australia

See the plants that are finally available to us and learn how to grow them.

Unusual Species for the Cattleya Grower

This program shows many weird and unusual species that grow with Cattleya culture. If you can grow a Cattleya you can grow any of these. Program is sectioned off and starts off with a well known Cattleya species and those plants that grow just like it.

Species Habitat and Hybrid Culture

This program teaches novice and advanced growers to link how a species grows in the wild, as how to grow it and the hybrids from it in your collection. Program is strong on orchid culture and helps everyone to be a better orchid grower. Bring a notepad so you can remember all the information given in this program.

Orchids 101

A basic program for all growers covering orchid nutrition, basic genetics, how to anticipate what will bloom out of a cross and which plant you should purchase. Any grower will be sure to learn something from this talk.

Angraecums and their Relatives for the Home Grower

Program looks at the many miniature and compact African species, their hybrids that do well in the home. Lots of great cultural tips on them also. We also have a modified program for Florida.

Mini Vandaceous Species and Hybrids for the Home Grower

One of our favorite subjects with lots of variety, colorful flowers and plants that will flower several times a year. Learn which plants to pick and how to grow them.

A New Look at Intergeneric Phalaenopsis

One of the first intergeneric Phalaenopsis hybrids I grew was Asconopsis Irene Dobkins. It was difficult to grow and flower and often would cripple. Over the last 20 years much progress has been made and these new hybrids are vibrant and exciting. I will show you what is available and how to grow them.