Dr. William (Bill) Goldner

Phone: 410-610-6697 Email: woodstream3@verizon.net

SpecialtiesPhragmipediums, Epidendrum, kovachii
FormatOnline and in-person
Provides plants for sale?Yes https://woodstreamorchids.com


Dr. Bill Goldner is best known in the orchid world as the owner of Woodstream Orchids with his wife Lynn Evans-Goldner. A life-long outdoorsman, Bill’s current mid-life crisis is fly fishing for trout, steelhead, and salmon, a passion he shares with Lynn and their son Zane. Many of the hybrid and cultivar names registered and used by Woodstream Orchids are names of the many places they have fished. Now Zane (age 14) is part of the pack which includes golden retriever Luna. In fact, at age four Zane and Bill started a jungle cactus and succulent business for Zane. Zane’s Orchid Companion Plants now grows over 100 species of epiphytic cacti (or soft cactus as Zane call’s them). He propagates the cacti from seed and cuttings. Woodstream Orchids (WSO) is a leading hybridizer and producer of Phragmipediums, Paphiopedilum species, and Epidendrums. They are well known for their innovative miniature Phrag hybrids. They are currently upping their game to include white and yellow Phrag hybrids. Please email Bill for updated lists of Phrags, Paphs, Non-Slipper Genera, Flasks, and Epiphytic Cacti.

Talks and Abstracts


Next Generation Miniature Phragmipediums and Other New Lines of Breeding

Presentation on the leading edge of hybridization of miniature/compact Phragmipediums and other exciting new lines of breeding including whites, yellows, super dark reds, and others based on more than 30 years’ experience.

Epidendrum: Amazingly Diverse, Wonderfully Worthwhile

Explore the amazing diversity of the Western Hemisphere’s Epidendrums focusing on different inflorescence types, species from different geographic locations, and some cutting-edge hybrids.

Twenty Years of Phragmipedium kovachii Hybrids: Think Pink!

Bill Goldner and Chuck Acker explore twenty years of hybridizing the amazing Peruvian species Phragmipedium kovachii. The topic includes characteristics and culture of the species and presents mind-blowing primary, second- and third-generation hybrids.