Chris Satch

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SpecialtiesGrowing under Lights, Orchid Physiology, Conservation, Orchid History, Orchid fungi and more
FormatOnline and in-person
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Christopher Satch is a Professor at the New York Botanical Gardens, as well as the CEO and Founder of NYC Plant Help, a horticultural consultancy for indoor and outdoor growers in the greater New York area. Having been featured on NPR, the Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, and more, Christopher breaks down the science behind growing plants and explains how plants grow in human-understandable terms. Having specialized in plant physiology and pathology, you can ask him any orchid question, and he will know the answer. He is a member of the AOS Education Committee, and grows over 200 plants on windowsills, in terrariums, and more in his tiny Manhattan apartment. His favorite orchids are Miltoniopsis, Lepanthes, and anything else that's either odd or fragrant.

Talks and Abstracts


Growing Orchids Indoors, Under Lights, and in Terrariums

Learn how to cultivate orchids indoors, light requirements, media, pots, conditions, and more!

Explaining Why Orchids Do What They Do

What makes them bloom and more - learn the scientific physiology or orchids, the cues that they need to bloom, how they grow, and what makes an orchid keiki rather than bloom?

Relating Orchid Native Environments to Care

Learn how using the info of where an orchid comes from to cultivate it the right way

Cinderella's Slippers Found! The Cypripediums and Selenipediums.

An illustrated introduction to the biology, history, and beauty of the hardy ladyslippers and their rare South American cousins. This program is about 45 to 60 minutes in length, and uses one tray of slides. The actual time varies with the number of questions asked.

Orchids and Fungi

A match made in heaven - learn about all the endophytes that are symbiotic with orchids, as well as some that you can use to make your orchids healthier!

Orchid Physiology

How all the parts work (very scientific)

Orchid Evolution

How did orchids get here

Orchid History

A brief history of orchids, smuggling, and the age of exploration