Dave Sorokowsky

Phone: 209-727-5265 Email: paphparadise@gmail.com

SpecialtiesEverything paphiopedilum. See programs below
FormatOnline and in-person
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After receiving his degree in biochemistry from the University of Toronto, Dave opted to step outside his chosen field and operated a tropical fish import business for eight years. Upon returning to school, Dave received a degree in enology and viticulture from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. While attending Brock, Dave began acquiring orchids one 2” pot at a time and before he graduated, Dave had over 100 orchids. Winemaking and a passion for orchids prompted Dave to seek a warmer climate in California about one year later. Dave has been growing paphiopedilums for about 20 years and seriously hybridizing for over 10 years. He is an accredited AOS judge and his paphiopedilums have received over 100 awards to date from the AOS and CSA. Many of those awarded plants playing important roles in his breeding program. In 2018 Dave left winemaking in order to focus all of his time running Paph Paradise Orchids.

Talks and Abstracts


Don't Fear the Slippers- A guide to successful Paph culture'

Don't Fear the Slippers' is an in depth review of how to grow Paphiopedilum, covering easy, beginners plants all the way through the most challenging species. There are tips for novice and seasoned growers alike.

Multifloral Paphs

Multifloral Paphs' is a review of the show stopping multifloral group of Paphs. We will look at some of the classic primary hybrids, more complex breeding and new trends in multifloral hybridizing. There will also be cultural tips to help you grow these plants to their fullest potential.

Novelty Paphiopedilum

Novelty Paphiopedilum' will define what exactly a novelty Paph is, and we will see some of the best examples of this line of breeding. We will also see which, if any, of these hybrids breed on and examine the newest trends in novelty hybridizing.

Maudiae Paphs-Past, Present and Future

Maudiae Paphs-Past, Present and Future' is a deep dive into mottled leaf Paph hybrids. We review the history of this diverse group, major breakthroughs and important hybridizers who made an impact along the way. This is followed by a look at current breeding trends as well as a peak into what the future holds.

Alba Paphs

Alba Paphs' discusses the many species that have forms lacking anthocyanins in their flowers as well as hybrids made with them. This talk gets a little technical, but only slightly more than a high school biology class does with Mendellian genetics.

Paphiopedilum rothschildianum

Paphiopedilum rothschildianum' is all about the King of Paphs. We look at how breeders have advanced the quality of this stately species over the years. The progress made in just a few generations from jungle collected plants is truly amazing.

Judging Modern Maudiae Paphs

Judging Modern Maudiae Paphs' looks at how various species impact Maudiae hybrids. Also what we should expect in modern breeding lines with regards to color, form and size, and what the new standards for an award quality flower should be.

The Evolution of Judging Standards of Paphiopedilum Species

The Evolution of Judging Standards of Paphiopedilum Species' reviews where we started and how breeders have improved many Paphiopedilum species over the years. As breeders make improvements, judges must adapt and increase their expectations for what is considered an award quality flower.