Edward Weber

Phone: 215-630-9819 Email: edwardweber0218@gmail.com

SpecialtiesOrchid culture part 1 and 2, The Genus Phalaenopsis
FormatOnline and in-person
Provides plants for sale?No


Ed Weber began growing orchids in 1999 after he inherited his grandmother's collection. Not a 'Plant Person', his curiosity got the better of him and he began reading about these marvelous exotic treasures that were now in his care. 12 plants became 20, which became 50, and so forth until his home and garage (no room for a greenhouse!) looked like a tropical rainforest! In 2001 he joined The Southeastern Pennsylvania Orchid Society (SEPOS) and soon learned that he needed to become an expert in these plants. In 2005 he began studying to become an American Orchid Society (AOS) Judge, but life got in the way, and he had to drop out. Then, in 2011, a world-famous orchid grower came to speak for SEPOS, and he got to talking. The next day Ed returned to the judging program. It takes about 6 years to become an orchid judge and Ed finally completed his studies in 2017 becoming a certified orchid judge! During those years Ed had the pleasure of travelling to Ecuador twice to see orchids in their native habitat. He even has wild Cypripedium acaule (The Pink Lady Slipper) growing on his property in Berks County, PA! What a surprise it was to find those!

Talks and Abstracts


Hey, I've Grown That Orchid!

"We explore the history and future of 6 of the most popular orchids in cultivation today. We also have some fun with pop quiz questions along the way. Approximate length: 40 minutes" "

Hey! I've Grown THAT Orchid, Too!

We explore 5 more popular orchids in cultivation. In this talk we also delve into the world of the so-called ""Blue Orchids. Approximate length: 30 - 35 minutes.

The Genus Phalaenopsis - Beyond Care and Culture -

"An in-depth exploration of the genus Phalaenopsis. We look at where they come from, how they grow in nature, and how they breed. This talk is not intended to teach people how to care for phals. There are plenty of other resources for that! Approximate length: 45 minutes"

Oddities of the Orchid World

In this talk we explore the wonderful and fascinating world of orchids! What makes a flower an orchid? Why do we love them so much? We examine some amazing pollination strategies, and we end up taking a whimsical look at flowers that have faces. This is a light-on-science presentation that is ideal for banquets or other events where there may be guests present. Approximate length: 45 minutes