Graham Ramsey

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SpecialtiesGrowing Phragmipediums, Orchid culture, Potting and repotting, Orchid mediums
FormatOnline and in-person
Provides plants for sale?No


I was bitten by the orchid bug about 20 years ago. My first orchid was…you guessed it, a white phalaenopsis. It wasn’t until my mother-in-law sent me home with two boxes full of not white phalaenopsis that I became obsessed. Sound familiar? Next came joining the Western North Carolina Orchid Society. From there it was Board member, Vice President, President, and Annual Show Chair (for 11 years). I am currently serving on the AOS Membership and Marketing Committee and the Affiliated Societies Committee. Did I mention I do home propagation? I’ve really got it bad. I have registered 12 of my own hybrid crosses and have received over 40 AOS awards, 7 of them on my new hybrids.

Talks and Abstracts


How I grow My Phragmipediums

This talk is a PowerPoint presentation and will concentrate on basic Phragmipedium culture. We will cover repotting needs along with the use of different potting mediums and techniques. I will also talk briefly about Phragmipedium breeding history.

Repotting with New Zealand's Finest

In this PowerPoint program, we will explore three completely different mediums, all imported from New Zealand. Orchiata bark, Sphagnum moss, and Fernwood Tree Fern all have a unique role in growing orchids. And all three are of the highest quality coming out of New Zealand. Expect to cover general culture and repotting techniques with plenty of opportunity for Q&A.

What the Heck Is Tree Fern?

New Zealand tree fern fiber is the latest potting medium to hit the market. I will unlock some of the secrets of this special product with a PowerPoint program followed by some hands-on demonstrations (in-person only).

Repotting With Orchiata

Thought to be the best orchid bark on the market, my PowerPoint presentation will dive into all the special qualities of this New Zealand bark. We will take an in-depth look at how Orchiata is made and processed especially for growing orchids. I will also discuss general orchid culture and how Orchiata can help improve your growing success.