Talks and Abstracts


Advanced Windowsill Growing

My most popular lecture run tine 45-50 minutes on slides in a kodak carousel will need a Kodak projector. When I grew on my windows in Brooklyn I adventured into many different kinds of orchids. Life beyond the phalaenopsis. Here I cover some fun easy species and hybrids and my love for Paphiopedilums and Phragmipediums. I love sharing my adventures and how I kept trying to improve my home growing conditions. Fun for all.

Orchids in 19th Century Decorative Arts.

Orchids played an amazing roll in the lives of rich aristocratic English and French. Many had huge ships built and sent adventurous men to South America to scavenge the wild jungles for orchids. Many were gone for years, and on occasion a ship was lost at sea. As these collected orchids started to bloom in English and French collections causing a huge public interest in these amazing flowers. The ceramic and glass makers jumped on the band wagon and started producing vases and ornaments with orchids. Although America did not have the famous ceramic companies that the English had many of the new ones started in the mid 19th century also found orchids fascinating and explored methods to paint them on objects. I have spent the last 5 years assembling a collection to make this lecture.


Talk runs about 40 minutes and is still on slides in a kodak carousel and will need a kodak projector. I fell in love with Bulbophyllums immediately upon seeing some in bloom at orchid shows. In 1992 Cal Orchids showed a Bulbophullum phalaenopsis at the New York show. It was instant I have to have that. Turns out I was third in line for a division. It was called ‘Pleasant Dreams’ and received an HCC/AOS at the show. A few years later I got a phone from Jim saying my division was ready. I met him at an orchid sale and picked up my prize plant. I found a great place for it still growing on my windows in Brooklyn. After about a year I was excited to see the new growth was bigger than the one before and so was the new leaf. I knew I was going to bloom it on my window, a feat that would get recognized. However, life changes. I had wanted a greenhouse for a long time and somehow a house with a huge yard came up and we were moving. Of course the plant did bloom about 3 months into the greenhouse. My fascination with Bulbophyllums grew and I combed the country for rare and unusual examples. Here I talk about many I have come to love. The struggles with some of the species, and some amazing new and exciting hybrids. Below is Bulbophyllum fletcherianum ‘Rothschild’s Nightmare’ AM/AOS my plant.

Paphiopedilum anitum and it hybrids.

Anitum is a difficult species to grow but imparts the black dorsal in many of the offsprings making them beautiful and highly regarded. The species also does not give a lot of seed and examples of the species are not readily available. Aside from this some amazing hybrids have been made. They make stunning multi-florals many having large near black dorsals. The parvis have also responded favorably making some dramatic hybrids. I am addicted to growing them and glad to share the photos I have amassed.