Kim Feddersen

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SpecialtiesCattleya, Cymbibiums, Slippers, Taxonomy and much more
FormatOnline and in-person
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I am a third generation orchidholic; a member of the AOS, and several local Orchid Societies. I worked in my father’s orchid nursery throughout high school, college and beyond, till I left for the US in 1977. After almost 20 years away from the orchid scene, in 1994 I started growing orchids again. By 2010 I was laying the foundation for a hobby business; since 2017 I have been self-employed, and active in orchid shows throughout the Northeastern US. While my primary interest centers on Vandas, Paphiopedilum and Cymbidium, I have a broad range of orchids including Cattleya, Australian Dendrobium and assorted other genera in a 2500 Sq Ft greenhouse. In addition to orchids, I am also propagating both Hoyas & Clivia miniate. In 2022 Carolyn and I moved from Maplewood to North Plainfield, NJ. We are now working on the design & planting of a property that is more than twice as large as our old one. Considering that we left a perpetually flowering yard, and there are only 3 Peonies in our new garden, we have some work cut out for us. I do speaking engagements for garden clubs, master gardeners and orchid societies on a variety of subjects related to orchids.

Talks and Abstracts



A little history, some taxonomy (why are the names changing), propagation, and the cultural requirements for seedlings from flask through mature blooming plants

Growing Seedlings from Flask

Propagation methods, why they come in flasks, deflasking and how to care for seedlings from flask. Also useful for those who buy small seedlings.

Cool Orchids, which can be grown outdoors 6+ months

Bletilla, Aussie Dendrobiums, Dendrobium nobile hybrids, Cymbidium, Laelia anceps & Reedstem Epidendrums.

Cymbidium I

An overview of the more important species, hybrid types and cultural requirements.

Cymbidium II

Breeding trends from 1860-2000, current trends & recent awards in each group.

Slippers - Mostly Paphs

An overview of the 5 genera, with an in-depth look at Paphiopedilum sub-genera, plus cultural requirements for Paphs, Phrags & Mexipedium.


Species name changes & how to research current grex names.

Vandaceous - Growing Vandas in the Northeast

An overview of the primary genera, and their cultural requirements. Suggestions for the easier groups for the home grower.

World Orchid Congress events - visit to Miami 2008

3 Orchidholics in Heaven

Family autobiography, spanning Denmark, Malaysia & US.

Family autobiography, spanning Denmark, Malaysia & US.