Steve Gonzalez-Costa

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SpecialtiesCattleya, Brachypetalum Paphiopedilums, Travel and Brazil
FormatOnline and in-person
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Steve Gonzalez has been growing orchids for over 40 years. He is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. He worked with orchids in a local garden center and then gained more experience working with the collection of the Botanical Gardens of the University of Puerto Rico, then to Pennock Gardens a largest wholesale/retail garden center on the Island at that time (i.e. like Bachman’s). After college, he returned to learn to grow orchids beside windows and under fluorescent lights and then under high-pressure sodium lamps in northern hemisphere basement. Most of his plants do grow outdoors in the summer months. Residing in Minnesota provides the opportunity to grow many types of plants which could never be grown in the Caribbean. Most of the plants he enjoys are intermediate temperature growing, which require slightly higher humidity. He has enjoyed exhibiting plants at the local meetings and regional orchid shows. Steve has traveled extensively walking through many orchid habitats and commercial greenhouses around the world. He has enjoyed observing habitat and cultivation of orchids in his native Puerto Rico, Northern Minnesota, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, and throughout Central America. He has also enjoyed visiting many museums and Botanical Centers in this hemisphere and the infamous Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in London.

Talks and Abstracts


Three Smaller Bifoliate Cattleyas and How to Grow Them

Explore these 3 magnificent mid-sized Cattleyas from Brasil and explore their color forms and contributions making beautiful hybrids. We will discuss everything from their natural forms, what strong genetic traits they are dominant for, hybrids where you can see what they impart, and culture needs for growing successfully. This is a pictorial tour of some of the most influential and beautiful species from the great country of Brasil.

Brachypetalum Paphiopedilums Species and Their Hybrids

Small things are special especially for this close-knit sub-group from the Paphiopedilum family. Brachypetalums are wonderful space saver species and hybrids that can be grown in any home and provide a variety of colorful patterns that provide joy when they bloom. We will explore the bloom times, habitat and cultural needs for the species and explore how they are being made into colorful hybrids to this day.

Planning Your Orchid Trip & Having Fun in Brazil

Taking an 'orchid trip of a lifetime' requires special planning. After 3 years of planning in 2015, a group from the upper Midwest executed a trip for two weeks in Brasil not only walking the habitats in southern Brasil, but also the beautiful southeast-central states that included Botanical Gardens and landmarks that have given us an entire lifetime of memories that we still reminisce today. Yes, it started with an excellent tour guide, but there were things we also did not want to miss. See what makes this trip so perfect and enjoy the orchids that we found along the way.