Wenqing Perner

Phone: -13688062244 Email: info@hengduanbiotech.com

SpecialtiesCypripediums of China, cultivation and propagation, and much more.
FormatOnline and in-person
Provides plants for sale?Yes


Proficient in Chinese, English, Japanese and German. IUCN SSC Orchid Specialist Group expert and IUCN SSC China Species Specialist Group expert, Huanglong National Park senior advisor, Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology president.
In 1998, together with her late husband Dr. Holger Perner, joined the cooperation project "International Trade of Chinese Orchids" between the CITES Secretariat and the Chinese State Forestry Ministry, was in the charge of the international trade.
She works for Huanglong National Park as senior advisor for nature conservation. Together with her husband they established Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology Ltd. In 2003. The company is mainly engaged in the propagation of Paphiopedilum and Cypripedium, and exports their products to Europe, America, Canada, Japan, Australia and other countries, and is the only commercial nursery that can export App. I Paphiopedilum from China.
She gives about 10 talks a year in the world and was key note speaker in some world conferences and is a popular speaker.

Talks and Abstracts


Cypripedium in China and their cultivation.

"Cypripedium, commonly known as lady's slipper orchids, are native to China, where they are highly valued for their unique and intricate flowers. In China, various species of Cypripedium can be found in different regions, showcasing a rich diversity. Cultivation of Chinese Cypripedium involves paying attention to their specific environmental needs. These orchids typically thrive in cool and temperate climates with well-draining soil. Proper shade and humidity levels are crucial for successful cultivation. Due to their specific habitat requirements, Cypripedium orchids may be grown in specialized gardens or greenhouses."

Come with me to Western China – to see the fascinating orchids (orchid tour with landscape, culture, stories, people and orchids, mainly in the habitat)

"An armchair orchid tour with lots of landscape, culture, stories, people and of course orchids, mainly in the habitat"

Orchids in China and their cultivation in the West

"Exemplary species of Cymbidium, Cypripedium and Paphiopedilum in China in the wild, and their cultivation abroad"

Chinese Cymbidiums

"Chinese Cymbidiums refer to a group of orchids native to China, particularly belonging to the Cymbidium genus. They are known for their beauty, diverse colors, and distinctive features. Overviews of some notable Chinese Cymbidium species and their cultivation: Cymbidium sinense (Chinese Cymbidium), Cymbidium goeringii (Spring Orchid), Cymbidium faberi (Faber's Cymbidium), Cymbidium ensifolium (Sword-Leafed Orchid), Cymbidium tracyanum (Tracy's Cymbidium), introduction on General Cultivation Tips: Temperature, Light, Watering, Medium, Fertilization."

The rare, the new and the unusual

"This is a chat about paphiopedilums, presenting new species, discussing unusual forms and rare species. Notes on cultivation and habitat shots "

Orchids in Huanglong

"The 70 alpine to temperate growing orchid species of Huanglong National Park in North Sichuan."

Pleione - Enchanting Mountain Nymphs

"General cultivation and the species in detail, often with habitat shots. Comprehensive version for 45-60 minutes. Also a short but still complete version available for ca. 20 minutes"

Orchid conservation in China - in situ and ex situ

An overview over my work with orchids in China

Paphiopedilum in China

"The 29 species native in China, with distribution maps, many habitat shots and remarks on cultivation"

Paphiopedilum - Their Cultivation and Propagation

" See the article in SLIPPER ORCHID ALLIANCE-NEWSLETTER 12(3); topics: - What makes paphs so special - How were they grown in the past - How do we grow them today - How do they grow in the wild - How do they propagate in the wild - How are they propagated in cultivation)"

Cultivation and propagation of Chinese paphiopedilums

"Focusing on the species occurring naturally in China"

Slipperorchids in China

" An overview of cypripediums and paphiopedilums in China, needs about 1 hour speaking time to make it meaningful enough"