Den. Sec. Aporum

(Blume) Lindl.


Tribe: Epidendreae
Subtribe: Dendrobiinae

Initially, this group of plants was established as a genus by Carl Blume in 1825 while Dr. John Lindley classified them as a section of the genus Dendrobium. Recent DNA studies suggest that Blume’s generic concept may be correct. The flowers are generally small as are the plants. The laterally flattened leaves are a distinguishing feature of this group. Members of this group are usually only seen in specialist collections although Den. anceps is often grown for its foliage in warm climates.

Number of species:

Approximately 50 species.


Throughout South East Asia, with two centres of distribution, one is in Myanmar and the other in Borneo. 

Dendrobium anceps - ©2009 Greg Allikas

Den. leonis - ©2009 Greg Allikas

Den. lobulatum - ©2009 Eric Hunt

Den. keithii - ©2009 Eric Hunt

Den. kiauense - ©2009 Eric Hunt