Den. Sec. Bolbidium



Tribe: Epidendreae
Subtribe: Dendrobiinae

This section was proposed by Dr. John Lindley. Members of this section are small-growing plants with clustered pseudobulbs consisting of only a couple of internodes. The pseudobulbs are topped by 2 leathery leaves without leaf sheaths appearing opposite of each other at the apex.. Flowers, produced from a group of bracts between the leaves are short-lived and quite attractive and usually produced in large numbers. Due to the ephemeral nature of the flowers, species from this section are only seen in specialist collections.

Number of species:

Approximately 5-7 species: Den. hymenanthum, Den. micholitzii, Den. procumbens, Den. pachyphyllum, Den. striatellum,Den. ustulatum


Throughout South East Asia. The majority of species are found in Peninsular Malaysia .

Dendrobium pachyphyllum 'Lewis Belle Meade' CBR/AOS - ©2009 AOS archives

Den. quadrangulare 'Marcella' CCM/AOS - ©2009 AOS archives

Den. quadrangulare 'Windy Hill' CCM/AOS - ©2009 AOS archives

Den. hymenophyllum - ©2009 Eric Hunt