Den. Sec. Breviflores

Hooker f.


Tribe: Epidendreae
Subtribe: Dendrobiinae

Dendrobium Section Breviflores is a small Section of up to twelve epiphytic species which grow in low to medium altitudes. The species in this section are from India to Borneo to Java with the center of distribution in Southeast Asia, which has most of the defined species. Circumscription and validity of this section are not clearly defined, with some taxonomists placing species with a fringed lip into a "Section Stuposa". In general, the stems are fairly slender with the upper part sometimes swollen. Stem length is normally less than 60 cm with narrow leaves along the stem length, which are deciduous in one to three years. Inflorescences are along the stems in short racemes of 3 to 10 small flowers which may be pink or yellow. The species in this section are distinguished by broad, saccate lips which are three-lobed, short, described as "urn" shaped and sometimes ciliate along the front margin. The species are found in climates with pronounced dry periods and very wet, warm periods.

Number of species:

approx. 10 - 12 species; D. aduncum D. hercoglossum D. dantaniense (syn. alterum), D.linguella, D. bicameratum, D. sphegidoglossum (syn. spegidoglossum)*, D.stuposum, D. praecinctum, D.stupposum, D. umbonatum* Considered synonymous by Kew, but considered as separate species by Seidenfaden.


India to Borneo and Java

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