Den. Sec. Conostalix

(Kraenzl.) Brieger, Schlechter 1981


koh-noh -STA-licks
Tribe: Epidendreae
Subtribe: Dendrobiinae

A small section consisting of mostly terrestrial species at low to moderate elevations, such as low montane forests and requires warm temperatures, uniform moisture and bright to strong light. The stems are usually long and slender with narrow leaves and fimbriate leaf sheaths which enclose the stems. The flowers are usually non-resupinate and are produced singly or in pairs. The lip is trilobed.

Regarding culture: The data in the table below are averages for the more common species listed herein. For growing data for specific species, literature, such as Reference 2, is recommended.

Derivation: The name means conical staff, meaning the spur is straight and conic shaped.

Number of species:

 Approx. 10 species, including: D.lobbii, D. pachyglossum, D. villosulum, D. trullatum, D. beamanianum, D. corrugatilobum, D. gramineum, D. pinifolium

The World Monocot Checklist no longer recognizes Conostalix as a separate genus and transferred its 9 species to Dendrobium Sec. Conostalix


Myanmar (Burma) to New guinea and south to Australia. The center of distribution appears to be Borneo with 8 species.