Den. Sec. Dichopus

(Blume) Schltr.


Tribe: Epidendreae
Subtribe: Dendrobiinae

A single species which grows on tips of small branches in lowland habitats, including mangroves, adjacent rainforests and other coastal vegetation. It can be found on tufts of wet sphagnum moss, sedges, and ferns near freshwater lagoons. It was at one time transferred to the Genus Grastidium, but is generally regarded as separate by most taxonomists. Kew: World Checklist has the single species, Den. insigne, within Genus Dendrobium and, therefore, most appropriately within this single species Section Dichopus. The section is identified by a large, moveable appendage which splits off the column from the base of the stigma. It has larger seed and a larger seed capsule than species in the Genus Grastidium.

Number of species:

A small Section of only one species, Den. insigne.


From lowland habitats of New guinea and neighboring islands, including the Solomons and Ambon. 

Dendrobium insigne © Greg Allikas

Dendrobium insigne © Greg Allikas

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