en. Sec. Eleutheroglossum

Schlechter 2002



Tribe: Epidendreae

Subtribe: Dendrobiinae

This is a small group of species of low to moderate elevations growing as epiphytes or lithophytes in open forests or less dense rainforests. The section appears to be closely related to Sections Spatulata and Phalaenanthe. Plants are small to medium sized with club-shaped pseudobulbs. A few small flowers grow from near the apex of stem and are usually yellow with maroon or purple markings. The lip is three-lobed with a cleft chin at the apex and there is a prominent incurved mentum. The lateral sepals are prominent and held up like wings (or ears).

Derivation: eleuther meaning free or separated and glossum meaning tongue (or lip).

Culture: The data in the table below are averages. For growing data for specific species, literature, such as Reference 1 & 2, are recommended.Den. fellowsii is difficult to grow; recommend carefully following recommendations in Ref 1 & 2 to be successful with these dendrobiums.

Number of species:

The Section has 4 species:Den. closterium, Den. fellowsii , Den. ngoyense, Den. poissonianum


From New Caledonia (3) and Northeastern Australia (1-Den. fellowsii

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